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Welcome to opening day at Brina's Bargains.

Updated: Oct 2, 2017

Yesterday, I was set to write my blurb for my new book coming out soon. I hate writing blurbs. To avoid writing the blurb, I made my new website to keep me busy. I sat in my recliner and created the website. I must say Wix is people friendly. I didn't have to do any html coding. I posted at least a hundred Pre-made E-book Covers. I found everything I needed. It was a pleasure working on Wix.

I wanted to introduce myself here. I'm a retired high school teacher from Los Angeles, Ca. I taught for thirty years and loved it. I do have to say, I miss teaching, but I published 10 books, and one soon to be published, the one with the blurb. I don't write for the general public. I write Gay Male Erotica with a taste of BDSM. I will be venturing away from BDSM, but I'll continue writing in the M/M genre.

I also taught online web design class. I'm not involved with it anymore, but I left my site up for those who want to learn an easy way.

The lessons and challenges are under Wed Design on my site.

You can find that here:


I have a FB group for my readers here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/146904702344189/

I also have my e-book collection on FB where you can chat with me about e-book covers here:


I'm only making e-book covers at this time. However, you have my permission to ask another designer to create a printed version. I will assist your printed designer with the files if they need them.

All my e-book covers are made from purchased photos, mostly Deposit Stock Photos.


I might eventually make printed book covers, but I want to write novels, too. I'll see how my times goes.

Thank you, for visiting my new website. Please come again.



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